According to NHS (due to diabetes only)

135 amputations a week

700 people diagnosed in the uk a day

80% amputations can be avoided


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How healthy are your employees?

Healthy employees mean increased productivity and engagement and reduced sickness absence.


As a fitness professional I will spend time at your office conducting individual health and fitness checks and imparting advice on health and wellbeing. I can work with you to evaluate this service and meet your specific organisational needs.


Individuals can book 15-20 minute sessions with me where I will conduct mini Body MOT's and discuss with them their lifestyle , realistic goals and help them to improve their overall wellbeing and physical health.

Body MOT's consist of:

* Body fat % and muscle mass checks

* Blood pressure

* Blood glucose level

* Cholesterol check

* Visceral fat

* Metabolic age

* Hydration levels

* Bone mass and physic rating

* Sustainable exercise goals

* Healthy eating

* Top tips to improve overall fitness level